Picture this, you’re on this beautiful canoe trip and while you’re marveling at the migratory feats of our feathered friends, you enter some rough waters and before you know it, you’ve hit rocks and are now stranded on an island with only the most basic of survival materials. Learn about outdoor survival in our canoe trip gone bad.


Ever wonder what a human heart is like on the inside? Sure you have, but in a totally normal way, right? Maybe you’re curious about the brain and what makes us tick? This Halloween things are going to be a little sticky as we explore human anatomy in structure and physiology in function in our organ escape room and dissection.

*No humans were used for this session … or were they?


This fall like your nature flag fly and join our Ecologist for some exciting hands-on experiences such as tree planting, preforming insect surveys, aging fish and more! Get a taste for fieldwork this fall. It’s guaranteed to be a great time!