Wascana Lake Boundaries

Wascana Centre Authority is reminding all boaters on Wascana Lake to please stay off the water east of the Broad Street Bridge. This area is a federally protected Migratory Bird Sanctuary established in 1956 due to concerns about the effects of urban expansion on migratory birds in the Wascana Centre area. The Sanctuary is located on the Lake east…

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Sacred Heart Community School visits Wascana Centre

What started out as a class project, turned into a great afternoon for some Grade 4 students from Sacred Heart Community School.   In November of 2015, the students wrote letters to Regina Mayor Michael Fougere regarding their concern of light pollution in Wascana Centre - particularly the historic globe lights found in the Centre.  …

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Monument Monday: British Empire Loyalist Cairn

The Loyalist Cairn honors Americans who sided with Britain during the American Revolution.  The monument is dedicated to the Saskatchewan pioneers of Loyalist descent who settled in the surrounding Regina area.  The United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada’s Regina branch constructed and raised the monument in 2004 and…

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