Special Event Application

A 'special event' is an event which utilizes a portion of the green space located in Wascana Centre (for example, the meadow behind the T.C. Douglas Building). The process to apply for a special event is outlined below.


Step 1

Fill out the application form.*

 If you have any questions about the new form, please click here to visit our FAQs.

Download Form

The first page of the application form is primarily contact information and general details regarding your potential event. On the second and third pages, please check off anything listed that applies to your potential event (i.e. extra garbage cans needed, amplified music to be played outdoors, road closures needed, etc.).

You may want to take a look at our fee structure to assist you in determining the costs associated with your potential event.

Note: Public events planned for the University of Regina (U of R) grounds must first receive approval from the U of R prior to completing an event application for Wascana Centre approval. Full information on the University of Regina's outdoor event approval process can be found here.



Step 2

Select a map showing the area that you would like to rent.

Below is a list of the commonly used areas in Wascana Centre. To view a map of one of these areas, please click on the appropriate link.

Draw on the applicable map showing where you plan to place items such as tents, bouncing play structures for kids, stages for performances, etc.

  1. Legislative Grounds (prime location)
  2. Bandstand - Royal Saskatchewan Museum
  3. U of R - College Avenue
  4. Willow Island
  5. Wascana Place
  6. Pine Island
  7. TC Douglas
  8. Walter Scott
  9. Goose Hill Park
  10. Candy Cane Park
  11. Canada Games Athletic Complex
  12. U of R
  13. Innovation Place
  14. Conexus Arts Centre
  15. Saskatchewan Polytechnic
  16. Overall View
  17. West Lake
  18. East Lake


Step 3

Submit event application, map, and $50 non-refundable application fee.

Application packages will be accepted by email at wascanaevents@gov.sk.cafax (306-565-2742), regular mail, or in person. 

If you wish to submit the application by mail service, please address it to:

Wascana Centre
2900 Wascana Drive
PO Box 7111
Regina SK S4P 3S7

We accept payments in the form of credit (VISA, MasterCard, American Express), debit, cheque, and cash. Cheques should be made payable to The Provincial Capital Commission. Event applications will not be reviewed until payment is received.



  1. Event applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis (once the application fee is received) and are subject to the availability of the location.
  2. Event applications will not be processed prior to one year in advance.