Interpretive Programming

The Habitat Conservation Area (HCA) is a 23-acre site in Wascana Centre that has been set aside for wildlife, providing valuable habitat for various mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects and plants. Here, people have the opportunity to unplug and explore what nature has to offer. The HCA is a hidden gem that is rich in wildlife and learning potential, making it the ideal outdoor classroom. From pond dipping, bird watching, weeding, planting, catching insects or solving nature's crimes, students can do it all. Explore the HCA by listening for the unique calls of the Bobolink, watching the pelicans glide above the water searching for a quick bite, seeing the turtles bask on the banks on a sunny day, or just coming to enjoy being out in nature walking the trails or bringing a good book to read on the dock. The HCA has so much to offer righ here in the city!

School Programming

With prime locations like the Waterfowl Display Ponds or the Habitat Conservation Area your environmental education potentials are endless! We offer a diverse selection of programs in the park from outdoor survival to plant life, wetland habitat assessments to spring in the wetlands. If you still don't see a program that meets your curriculum or preferred topic, you ccan creat your own program with the assitance of our Ecologist. We offer programs for all ages and grades!

School Programming

Junior Naturalist and Wilderness Explorers

Our focus is to bring like-minded children together to learn of the simple joys nature can give them and offer them a chance to discover nature right in Wascana Centre.

Junior Naturalist is a program offered evenings in both Spring and Fall appropriate for ages 9 to 12. 

Wilderness Explorers is a program offered evenings in both Spring and Fall appropriate for ages 13 to 16. 

For information check out the pages dedicated to each program.

Booking Information

To register your class for any of the programs, please contact:

Sarah Romuld

Wascana Centre 
2900 Wascana Drive
PO Box 7111
Regina SK S4P 3S7

Phone: 306-531-8511
Fax: 306-565-2742


Fee Information 

*There is a fee of $2 per child for our programming.

We accept donations from schools or classrooms as well. Wascana Centre is a registered charity and donations of $20 or more will receive a tax receipt. Contributions will go to our programming and include maintaining the Habitat Conservation Area and ensuring we can continue to provide a unique opportunity for students.

Note: There are no fees for self-guided tours within Wascana Centre.