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Partners Of The Park



The Province of Saskatchewan

Lloyd Building, Legislative Building, Saskatchewan Power Research & Development Building, Sound Stage, TC Douglas Building, Walter Scott Building View Website


City of Regina

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University of Regina

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Within Wascana Centre


Campion College

Founded in 1917, Campion College is named for the Jesuit priest and scholar, St. Edmund Campion. Today,                                                Campion College boasts a faculty complement of 23 full-time professors, offering  courses in the areas of Arabic, Astronomy, Catholic Studies, Classics, English, Film Studies, History, Humanities, International Studies, Mathematics, Pastoral Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religious Studies, Statistics,                                                                        and Theatre Studies.

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Canada Saskatchewan Production Studios

Built in 1913, this structure has served as a normal school, military training facility, and the fine arts building for the University of Regina before becoming the Canada Saskatchewan Production Studios in 2002.  The Canada Saskatchewan Production Studios have three sound stages which have served as the home for feature length movies, television sitcoms as well as various other needs of the media industry.  The building is approximately 82,000 square feet with three separate sound stages from 7,000 to 15,000 square feet.  Carpentry, makeup, wardrobe & other production facilities are also located on site.   The sound stage connects to the CBC Broadcasting Centre, allowing for easy access to their facilities and equipment. 


Canadian Naval Reserve - Queen Building

The Queen building is set within the east side of Wascana Centre in Regina.  The minimally decorated, two-storey building which shows the influence of the modern movement, features horizontal massing, a flat roof and horizontal bands of windows in the manner of the International Style.  The Queen Building is associated with the increase in spending by the Department of National Defense on permanent military infrastructure during the cold war.  This included the construction of permanent building for training and administration.  The Queen building is associated with the history of the local naval reserve, unit HMCS Queen, which was formed in Regina in 1923.



The Culliton Centre, also known as the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), is located at 2550 Broad Street. Directly within Wascana Centre, the CNIB help people with visual impairments to better their lives. View Website



The CBC has brought the City of Regina great family television broadcasting for many years. Connected to the CBC Broadcast Centre is the CBC Sound Stage. View Website


Community Gardens

Regina’s Edible Campus currently contains three gardens.  The first is the First Nations University Shared Garden, located at the rear of the building, between Ring Road and the parking lot.  The second, Le Potager, is located between the Language Institute building and the North Residence.  The third garden, the RPIRG Green Patch, is located South of the Archer Library.   Regina’s Edible Campus intends to achieve strategic objective in order to foster student and staff engagement, and to act as a model for sustainable development.  The partners include, Wascana Centre Authority, the University of Regina, the Institut francais, First Nations University of Canada, and the Regina Public Interest Research Group.

Conexus Arts Centre

Experience magic and wonder at the Conexus Art Centre. They offer a wide range of shows from concerts and plays to demonstrations and much, much more. View Website


First Nations University

First Nations University of Canada was established in 1976 as the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College (SIFC) through a federated partnership with the University of Regina. The University is independently administered offering post-secondary education in a culturally-supportive First Nations environment. View Website


Innovation Place

Through partnerships and collaboration, Innovation Place provides the foundation for innovation, research and technology that supports Saskatchewan’s economic prosperity.  Innovation Place is one of North Americas most successful university related technology parks with facilities in Saskatoon, Regina and Prince Albert. 

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Lakeshore Tennis Club

The Lakeshore Tennis Club is located south of the Legislative Buildings, along Lakeshore Drive.  In 1915 the Lakeshore Tennis Club was established for use by civil service employees, with the primary objective of encouraging sociability and healthy exercise among government employees, and had four grass courts.  By 1924 the increase in membership meant the addition of a fifth court and the surface of all courts was converted to crushed shale which was replaced by asphalt in 1959.  The club underwent another change in 2004 with the addition of 3 more courts which were built to international specifications and used for the 2005 Canada Summer Games. 

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Mackenzie Art Gallery

Experience the visual beauty of the MacKenzie Art Gallery featuring exhibits and programs that run all year round. Located inside the T.C. Douglas building, the gallery maintains a strong belief that art does matter, and the staff at the MacKenzie strive to keep that belief alive. View Website


Regina Rowing Club

Whether you are a new member just joining the club, an established rower renewing your membership, a parent of a rower, or a learn-to-row participant trying out our sport, we welcome you to the Regina Rowing Club (RRC). View Website


Regina Ski Club

Are you looking for up-to-date information on the ski trails that are offered and maintained by the Regina Ski Club? Check out the club's homepage to find all the information needed. View Website


Royal Saskatchewan Museum

Take a look at all the secrets unearthed at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. Play with the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex named Megamunch or learn about the life of the ancient aboriginal people of Saskatchewan and beyond. There is something to captivate the minds of young and old. View Website


Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Saskatchewan Polytechnic offers many certificate and trade programs suitable for a variety of interests, from the world of agriculture to the the world of business and computers. Learn a trade and take control of your future! View Website


Saskatchewan Science Centre

Providing opportunities for families to play and learn together, the Saskatchewan Science Centre encourages experiments, surprises you with stage shows, wows you with workshops, and features Saskatchewan’s tallest indoor climbing wall. The Kramer IMAX Theatre enhances this learning experience by featuring science, travel, and nature-oriented films on its giant screen. View Website


Wascana Racing Canoe Club

Wascana Racing Canoe Club is a sprint racing canoe/kayak club located on Wascana Lake. We providing youth and adults with fun paddling opportunities and have produced national and international level athletes. View Website


Wascana Rehab Centre

The Wascana Rehabilitation Centre provides comprehensive medical rehabilitation programs for adults and children, as well as specialized long-term care. A wide variety of programming including Functional Rehabilitation, Amputee Services, Spinal Cord Injury Services and Orthopedics, Children's Services, Adult Rehabilitation, Extended Care and Veteran's Services are available to meet the particular needs of clients. The Centre serves the population of southern Saskatchewan. View Website


Willow on Wascana

Come delight your taste buds at The Willow on Wascana Restaurant situated on the beautiful north side of Wascana Lake close to the Marina. Reservations are required. View Website


Wind on my Wings Sailing

Wind on my Wings Sailing Club allows people with disabilities in Regina to have the opportunity to dream and grow through the experience of sailing and removes the physical economic and attitudinal boundaries to participation.  Sailors with the Wind on my Wings Sailing Club are diverse and include individuals who have varying disabilities, including people who have physical disabilities, people who are blind and visually impaired, people who have intellectual, learning or mental health disabilities…anyone who wants to participate. 

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