Arboretum Park in Wascana Centre is now open to the public. The first phase of transforming Wascana Centre's old tree nursery into an Arboretum along 23rd Avenue just east of Wascana Rehabilitation Centre has been completed.  

The Arboretum includes a natural habitat marsh area to mitigate drainage issues, provide a place for wildlife, as well as provide new pathways for the Centre. As part of this project, a retention pond was built to contain storm water and a number of drainage ditches were designed to help prevent flooding in the area. Trails were put in so that people can walk through the area and enjoy the landscape as a quiet, natural area in the midst of a highly urban environment.

Among the species of trees that will be found in Arboretum Park are the American Linden, Black Walnut, Bur Oak, Ohio Buckeye and Colorado Spruce. Many of the majestic trees in the area are over 50 years old. 

The majority of the funding for the project was raised by a grant received from the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program along with Wascana Centre's/Regina Food Banks DIVAS in the Park and Summer Solstice Soiree fundraising events. 

Further work to Arboretum Park will continue in 2018 and will include interpretive signage throughout the area.