With growing concerns surrounding COVID-19 and the recent restrictions made at the federal, provincial and local level, the Provincial Capital Commission, effective immediately will be suspending all programming and events taking place in Wascana Centre until April 17, 2020, subject to reassessment. With these cancellations, our facilities (Wascana Place) will be reduced to essential and administrative work only. **Thank you for practicing safe social distancing, by keeping 2 meters between people who are not from your household**

Sisters Legacy Statue



The Sisters Legacy Statue is located along Lakeshore Drive near Hill Ave in Wascana Centre.  The monument, sculpted by Prince Albert artist, Jack Jensen, features two Catholic Sisters cast in bronze, one representing a teacher, the other a nurse.  The installation commemorates the courage and commitment of religious women across Saskatchewan who established needed health services and education to their local communities, laying the foundation for modern day education and healthcare delivery in Saskatchewan.