Craft Services: MacKenzie Art Gallery Cafe


Visitors are welcome to enjoy Craft Services Cafe by Crave's elegantly prepared, decadent food and drink selection - an unforgettable art and culinary experience awaits! Accompanying the Bill Burns: Bird Radio & the Eames Chair Lounge, Craft Services Cafe is an innovative engine for creative industries, where every facet of the creative space intermingles to create a tranformative experience. Working with fresh, quality ingredients, Crave Kitchen + Wine Bar is known for creating dishes that highlight Saskatchewan and Canadian products using classic culinary techniques with a modern approach—coming together to produce something inspired. See the menu here. 


Hours of Operation

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: 8AM to 4PM

Thursday: 8AM to 9:00PM

Friday: 8AM to 4PM

Saturday: 11AM to 4PM

Sunday: Closed