Thin Ice

Please stay off the ice on Wascana Lake and Wascana Creek. Although the ice may look safe – it isn’t. Children should be warned about the dangers of thin ice. Keep children away from lakes, ditches and creeks. Anyone walking their dog in Wascana Centre is asked to keep it on a leash. If your dog runs onto the ice, do not…

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Cross-Country Ski Trails

The snow we got over the last couple of weeks means it's perfect conditions for cross-country skiing. Trail conditions can be seen  on the Regina Ski Club website, as well as trail maps around and near Regina. We hope to see you out soon! 

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Ask the Expert

Ever had a question about something in Wascana Centre. Email us at and we may make it into a whole Ask the Expert video! These are just a couple that got released during the summer. Keep watching this Fall for more Ask the Expert Videos. Winterizing Trees and Shrubs - 4 Steps   QEII Gardens Planning and Planting …

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