Sprouts - Wascana Planting Program

Two classes from two schools will be selected to particpate. Free, fun, plant-filled program!

Students in Grade 3 and 4 will have the opportunity to learn about the growth and development of a plant through
growing their own native trees, grasses and wildflowers from seed. Wascana Centre will provide each of the four
selected classes with a germination kit that includes everything to grow your plant. At each school one class will
receive grasses and wildflower seeds and the other will receive tree seeds. Our knowledgeable staff will get you started
by presenting your class with the kit, reviewing the contents and leave you with the proper tools and understanding for
successful seed care. Throughout the growing process, our team will be here for regular growth updates and any plant
troubleshooting that your class may need. 

After a successful growing period, students will be invited to Wascana Centre for a free Plant Life program, get a tour of
our greenhouse/nursery locations and to plant their trees, grasses and wildflowers in the greenhouse. The native
prairie grasses and wildflowers will be in public beds for everyone to enjoy and the trees will be put in the nursery until
they are mature enough to be planted in the park.

Wascana Centre wants to encourage students to be stewards of the land, to feel a connection with nature and
understand the importance of native environments through hands-on learning experiences. This entire program is free
for classes to participate, including the cost for bus services.

Wascana Centre will be accepting applications from interested Grade 3 and 4 classes until February 17th (complete the
form below to express interest). After that date two schools will be chosen at random to participate in the Sprouts
program. Accepted classes will be notified by February 22nd and will have to confirm participation before the deadline.

*Please note that this program is intended for two grade 3, grade 4, or grade 3/4 split classes attending under one school application. Two separate classrooms are required.