Bread is Bad

In 2015 Wascana Centre created the “Bread is Bad For Me” campaign which was phase one of the No Feeding Initiative.

“In an effort to move away from feeding waterfowl certain foods like bread, candy and popcorn, we wanted to educate the public on why feeding waterfowl was harmful. Since then, we noticed a successful shift from the public feeding bread to bringing in grains or greens,” stated Ecologist Sarah Romuld.

“We are now entering phase two of the No Feeding Initiative where the communication changes once more, this time moving away from feeding wildlife in general. There are ample food resources for waterfowl and other wildlife here. Feeding wildlife leads to problems such as the introduction of invasive/noxious/undesirable vegetation from uneaten grains and seeds, a loss of fear of humans, aggressive behaviour, disease transmission amongst congregating wildlife, angel wing in waterfowl, excessive excrement, etc. We are hoping that with this final switch we will ease up the pressures on high traffic areas with congregating waterfowl and reduce the amount of excess excrement due to overfeeding.”

Romuld is encouraging visitors to Wascana Centre to keep it to the eyes when it comes to wildlife. “Wascana Centre is a beautiful urban park rich in diverse species, including many species at risk. In an effort to maintain the overall health of the species and their habitats, we ask that the visitors observe the rich diversity found in an urban park at a respectable distance and avoid feeding any wildlife.”