Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the restrictions made at the federal, provincial and local level, the Provincial Capital Commission has suspended all programming and events taking place in Wascana Centre until July 15, 2020, subject to reassessment. With these cancellations, our facilities (Wascana Place) will remain closed. **Thank you for practicing safe physical distancing, by keeping 2 metres between people who are not from your household. **

Ross Thatcher Monument

Located east of the Legislative Building, the Ross Thatcher Monument was dedicated to the former provincial premier and leader of the Liberal party in Saskatchewan.  In 1959, Thatcher took over as the leader of the Liberal Party of Saskatchewan and was sworn in as the province’s ninth Premier in 1964.


One of the province’s most popular Premier’s, the following inscription was placed on his plaque – ‘He remained true to his fundamental belief in the enterprising spirit of individual man, and in the need for a political and social framework that respects and nourishes that spirit.’