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2023 WC Master Plan


The Provincial Capital Commission (PCC) provides enhanced visitor experiences and educational programming in Wascana Centre and at Government House to inspire pride in Saskatchewan’s Capital City while focusing on stewardship and operating Wascana Centre.

Wascana Centre is a vast parkland space consisting of 2,300 acres (930 hectares) of urban park space, a 300-acre (120 hectares) lake, and 14.3 kilometres of paved and unpaved pathways. Wascana Centre is home to many tourist attractions, including the Legislative Building and grounds, Conexus Arts Centre, the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, the Saskatchewan Science Centre, the Mackenzie Art Gallery, a marina, the Trans Canada Trail, and a Habitat Conservation Area. Wascana Centre hosts approximately 400 events annually.

The Wascana Centre Master Plan provides a roadmap to guide future growth, development and sustainability in Wascana Park and beyond. The role of the master plan is to ensure that ongoing development, both landscape and institutional, furthers the founding vision of Wascana Centre. This vision, or pillars, includes the development of the Saskatchewan Legislative Grounds, the enlargement of educational research opportunities, the advancement of the cultural arts, the improvement of recreational opportunities, and the conservation of the environment and the operation of the Wascana Centre.

The original plan for the area that now includes Wascana Centre was prepared in 1913. The first master plan was prepared in 1962. The most recent update to the master plan was completed in 2016. All Wascana Centre master plans have a one-hundred-year long-term vision.

The master plan is currently up for a review and renewal. The 2023 Master Plan will be the 11th Wascana Centre Master Plan. This master plan will include ten-year conceptual deliverables, in addition to a one-hundred-year long-term vision. 

The PCC conducted a tendering process and has retained DTAH and Praxis Consulting to help update the 2016 Wascana Centre Master Plan. DTAH is an award-winning architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design firm in Toronto, who has prepared six master plans for Wascana Centre since 1982. Praxis Consulting is a local Saskatchewan firm that provides engagement expertise.

Engagement Principles

The eight principles guiding public engagement for the Wascana Centre Master Plan Review and Renewal are:

  • Transparent and accountable
  • Provincial perspectives
  • Time sensitive
  • Meaningful
  • Inclusive and accessible
  • Mutually respectful and understandable
  • Consistent
  • Innovative and continuously improving

Opportunities for Input

Public and stakeholder engagement are critical components of the Wascana Centre Master Plan Review and Renewal. There are many ways to share your voice throughout the process.

The PCC policies and procedures call for the Master Plan Review and Renewal to be conducted in five stages and completed by December 2023. A Public Participation Plan has been developed. It identifies how the public and stakeholders will be engaged, the stages of the process as well as specific activities and timelines. Feedback from the public and stakeholders will be welcomed in stages one through four, with final approval being sought in stage five. 

All Saskatchewan residents interested in the future growth, development, and sustainability of Wascana Centre are invited to participate in the upcoming public events. Share your perspectives on the most important topics and issues when it comes to Wascana Centre. Tell us what you like about Wascana Centre and where improvements can be made.

Stage 1 - Assessment of Current Conditions


Learn more about what a master plan is, and how your feedback can help influence the next master plan for Wascana Centre. 


One-on-one interviews with Indigenous Community Leaders

Indigenous Sharing Circle at First Nations University of Canada, First Nations Veteran Memorial Teepee (Atrium, 1 First Nations Way), on February 13, 2023, at 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  

Public open house at Wascana Place (2900 Wascana Drive), on February 15, 2023, at 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Online survey - February 13 to 24, 2023 


Report on what we heard in a summary document planned for mid- to late March 2023.




What We Heard

Stage 2 - Vision and Objectives


Create public awareness about the master plan review and renewal process.

Gain public input and Indigenous community input on the draft vision and objectives for the new master plan.

Gather feedback on key planning principles, purposes or pillars of the master plan, and potential future improvements and major developments.


One-on-one interviews with Indigenous Community Leaders 

Online survey - June 3 to 19, 2023

Public pop-ups 

  • On-site pop-ups:
    • Pop-up engagements are quick and casual ways of hearing from community members by bringing the conversation to the community.
    • Six three-hour pop-ups will be staffed with two consultants in community spaces throughout Regina. Everyone is welcome to attend.
    • Refreshments will be available, while supplies last.
    • Sticky notes will be available on-site to add feedback to panel boards.
    • Tablets will be available for people to participate in the online survey.
    • Pop-up details:
DateJune 3, 2023June 7, 2023June 10, 2023June 11, 2023June 14, 2023June 17, 2023

3 p.m. –
6 p.m.

11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

12 p.m. –
3 p.m.

12:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

10 a.m. –
1 p.m.

12:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Mosaic Festival of Cultures

International Trade Centre,

REAL District, 1700 Elphinstone Street

mâmawêyatitân centre

3355 6th Avenue

Opening Blessing at 11:30 am

Wascana Centre North Shore Boat Landing

Near Bandstand

Sandra Schmirler Leisure Centre

3130 Woodhams Drive

Regina Farmer’s Market, Pat Fiacco Plaza

2190 Victoria Avenue

The Studio, Cornwall Centre

2102 11th Avenue

  • Virtual pop-up:
    • A three-hour pop-up will be staffed with two consultants online.
    • Come-and-go-style virtual event, with information reset every 30 minutes.
    • Participants will provide feedback through direct message to consultants.
    • Link/QR code to online survey will be provided.
    • Pop-up details:
DateJune 13, 2023

5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

LocationLink will be available here the day of the event


Report on what we heard in a summary document planned for late August 2023. 

Stage 3 - Initial Draft of Master Plan


Provide feedback on initial draft of master plan.


One-on-one interviews with Indigenous Community Leaders 

Indigenous Community Members meeting 

Public open house 

Online questionnaire 


Report on what we heard in a summary document planned for mid-October 2023.

Stage 4 - Final Draft of Master Plan


Provide feedback on final draft of master plan.


Online-only comments


Report on what we heard in a summary document planned for early to mid-December 2023.

Stage 5 - Approval of the Master Plan


PCC Board of Directors review and approval of the master plan.


Approved master plan posted on this website

Final report on what we heard 


For more details, click here to see the full Public Participation Plan


The Provincial Capital Commission (PCC) is composed of three participating parties: the Government of Saskatchewan, the City of Regina, and the University of Regina. The PCC manages Wascana Centre and Government House.

The current Vision, Mission, and Mandate of the PCC are:

                Vision – Inspiring pride and fostering connections to Saskatchewan’s Capital City.

Mission – To enhance the quality of life by creating community partnerships, promoting visitor experiences and providing stewardship of the land and assets within the Provincial Capital Commission.

Mandate – Provides for the operation, management and stewardship of provincial assets that include Government House and Wascana Centre, enhancing quality of life and creating pride in the Capital City through educational programming, public events, and celebratory opportunities. The Commission acts as a regulatory for all land use within Wascana Centre.

The PCC is responsible for land use management of Wascana Centre, which includes conservation, improvement, landscape construction, landscape maintenance, the construction of service facilities and updating the master plan.

Additional information about the PCC, including previous versions of the Wascana Centre Master Plan, is available at