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About Us

Do you want to know more about Wascana Centre? Learn all about Wascana’s vibrant past and proposed developments for the future, the by-laws that regulate and protect the users of the Centre, career possibilities, and much more!

Wascana Centre is shared by many different people for many different purposes. Please keep other users in mind and enjoy the Centre in a caring, safe and productive manner so everyone may benefit from its beauty.

Wascana Centre is a 930 hectare area in the heart of Regina, established by an act of the Saskatchewan Legislature, The Provincial Capital Commission Act, in 2017.

Wascana Centre consists of a five-member Board representing the three participating parties. Three Members are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council, one by the City of Regina, and one by the University of Regina. This Board sets the policies for Wascana Centre in accordance with the purposes for which it was established.

The current Members of the Board appointed by the Government of Saskatchewan are Mike Carr - Deputy Minister of Central Services, MLA Regina Rochdale - Laura Ross and MLA Regina Walsh Acres - Warren Steinley. The City of Regina has appointed Councillor Barbara Young. The University of Regina has appointed VP of Administration David Button.

The Purpose of Wascana Centre is to ensure that an area surrounding Wascana Lake in the City of Regina, known as Wascana Centre, be devoted to the:

  • development of the seat of government
  • enlargement of educational opportunities
  • advancement of cultural arts
  • improvement of recreational facilities
  • conservation of the environment