Time to take the education to the field with our new “A day in the life of an Ecologist” programs offered for Grades 9 – 12! These four new programs will take place in Wascana’s Habitat Conservation Area where students will be given the opportunity to expand on their classroom learning through hands-on fieldwork experience covering such topics as aquatic, plant, wetland and biodiversity surveys. Whether your students are using a seine net to assess the population diversity in the marsh or conducting a riparian assessment, they are bound to have a blast!

These programs are recommended to be three hours in length and are all outdoors. Cost is $2 per student.

To register, please email sarah.romuld@gov.sk.ca or call 306-522-3661.


Aquatic Survey – Conduct a fish population diversity surveys using seine and gill nets to take samples from the marsh. Learn about the different fish species found in Wascana Lake, preform dissection assessments, fish ID, and so much more!


Plant Survey – Learn all about invasive and native prairie plants by conducting a quadrat plant survey and identifying plants, cattail planting, take a tour of the greenhouse, learn about propagation, do some seeding/planting/harvesting seeds depending on the time of year, and much more!


Wetland Survey – Take a closer look at our wetland while conducting a riparian assessment and water quality testing. Investigate the smaller aquatic invertebrates under a microscopic lens while pond dipping and even do some fish species surveying.


Biodiversity Survey – Assess the biodiversity of the marsh through birding, nest surveys, insect netting, plant ID, animal tracking, pond dipping, and more!