Need some help figuring out how to enjoy nature, culture and the arts while social distancing or self-isolating? We have some suggestions.

Nature is important in our daily life, so why not take advantage of it while you are practising social distancing or self-isolation. If you are able, take a walk, roll or run around Wascana Lake. Enjoy the 4km Blue trail along the West Lake (between Albert St. to Broad St.), or for a longer adventure explore the more natural 6km Red Trail on the East Lake (between Ring Road and Broad St.).

Want something a little more urban or historical? Listen to the various audio walking tours around Regina. Explore an area you might not be as familiar with. 

Unable to leave the house? Take advantage of these amazing virtual tours of America’s National Parks from the comfort of your home. 

Check back tomorrow for more suggestions on what to do. 

Downtown Audio Tour

Warehouse Audio Tour 
Queering the Queen City Audio Tour 
Village Voices Audio Tour 
Cultural Trailway Audio Tour 

What better way to distract yourself than with animals! While cute animal videos are amazing, why not go take some yourself.

This is a great time to go bird watching while they are migrating back to Canada. And with spring around the corner, lots of animals are becoming more active and coming out to explore. *

Not able to go out to explore, no problem. You can watch the Pandas at the Calgary Zoo on this live stream; apes, elephants, koalas, tigers and more at The San Diego Zoo; and penguins, sea otters, fish, and jellyfish at the Georgia Aquarium.

Want something more interactive. The Cincinnati Zoo is hosting a home safari on Facebook live daily at 3ET.

*The Chief Medical Officer recommends keeping a 2 meter distance from others.

Missing live music because your favourite venues are closed? The Village Idiots, a Winnipeg music and arts group, hosts a regular Facebook Live concert series, Live at the Roslyn, since 2016. Featuring a varied group of artists, this is a great way to find your next favourite artist.

Get dressed up and enjoy a night at the symphony... at home. Berlin Philharmonic is offering 1 month free subscription to all of their content (600+ videos) with the code BERLINPHIL valid until March 31.

Watch twitter and facebook for #TogetherAtHome and #CanadaPerforms as musican’s perform live for everyone stuck at home. Follow your favourite artists and bands, and they might surprise you with a special surprise live performance.

And lastly, remember you can always support your favourite local music shops like by ordering online or phone, or gift certificates to use later.

Are your kids getting bored already? Need some help keeping them busy? Here are some suggestions.

Every Monday Wascana Centre will be releasing a video with an assignment. Submit your kids work to be entered in a monthly draw. Check out yesterday's assignment

The Government House - Saskatchewan posts tours each week with a chance to guess answers for a monthly draw.

Saskatchewan Science Centre is working on releasing educational videos for children stuck at home. Make sure to check out their latest one with info like how do flowers grow. Saskatchewan Science Centre

Lastly, tune into 91.3 FM CJTR for special news kids programming, Imagine This!, every morning (9am - 12pm) Monday through Friday. CJTR hosts and special guests will share music, stories, reporting, art classes, math classes and loads more!

Missing the culture side of things while social distancing or self-isolating? Here are some suggestions.

Follow The Social Distancing Festival with an up-to-date calendar of free-streams around the world. Upcoming is the Musical Theatre, From Judy to Bette; Hannah Baiardi playing jazz and soul, and a book launch just to name a few.

Check out London’s Royal Opera House youtube channel for past live streams, favourite clips, and more of their past opera and ballet performances. Visit Vienna State Opera’s website for your daily dose of opera (a new one each day). And every evening tune into the MET’s live stream of one of the previous opera’s.

And for you fans of musicals, watch your favourite Broadway plays at BroadwayHD, which has a 7 day free trial.

Since we can’t travel the world to see some of our favourite pieces of art, why don’t you view them through some of these virtual tours.

Visit Paris’ Musée d'Orsay, Washington’s National Gallery of Art, Florence’s Uffizi Gallery, Johannesburg’s Johannesburg Art Gallery, Sao Paulo’s MASP, all through And visit Paris' The Louvre here:

Looking for something a little more modern? See Banksy’s Murals around the world in their home setting.

To view some of the most historic sites like the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City visit here:

How do you visit museums while social distancing or self-isolating?

Well you could check out Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame's online tour; or watch Government House - Saskatchewan Facebook page every Monday for a different tour.

For virtual tours of museums and experiences throughout Canada visit here and choose to visit the rock carvings in Alberta, the Monastery of the Ursulines of Quebec, or many other interesting places.

Here are some other international museums you should check out to see some amazing artefacts:

London’s British Museum

African American History and Culture

Smithsonian Museum of National History


For a larger list of museums to visit internationally see:

Feeling cooped-up, while social distancing or self-isolating?

If you are able, take a walk, run, roll or bike while taking Chief Medical Officer's advice of maintaining 2 meter distance from others.

That not for you, or can't leave the house? Join an online excerise class, like yoga with Bodhi Tree Yoga.

Saskatchewan in motion has some great resources for keeping kids active. One of our favourites is the Virtual Idea Jar Families can “reach in” and choose an activity to complete outside or use the indoor variants. Check out their website for more ideas and helpful links.

Did your vacation get cancelled? Feeling the travel-bug more than ever?

Explore to see sights like the Palace of Versailles, the London Bridge, Easter Island, the Taj Mahal, and many many more!

Stay healthy, both physically and mentally while social distancing and self-isolating!