Walk 6 - A Place for Recreation

1.675 km - 25 minutes
2.250 km - 35 minutes (around the base of Wascana Hill)

This walk will take you past some of the recreational facilities that Wascana Centre has to offer.  It includes a walk around Wascana Hill and you can explore some of the trails that meander through this recreational area.  The hill is enjoyable year round and good walking shoes are recommended as it encompasses some of the natural areas of Wascana Centre.

The City of Regina is a partner and one of the founding agencies in Wascana Centre.  The city carries out the programming of sports facilities while Wascana Centre maintains the grounds.

  1. At the corner of Wascana Drive and McDonald Street one can immediately see evidence of the athletic fields that are characteristic of the Douglas Park area of Wascana Centre.  Traveling south on the small path parallel to McDonald Street, take the time to reflect on the past when Wascana Lake was just a small winding creek surrounded by nothing but thick grass and herds of buffalo.

  2. From here you can see Goose Island, one of the favourite nesting grounds of Canada Geese.  The rectangular man-made pond in the centre of the island serves as shelter for the geese.  Each year approximately 250 pairs of geese nest in Wascana Centre. 

    The geese named Hiawatha and Queenie are known as of the first official couple to reside in Waterfowl Park, where they were first introduced in 1953.  They lived here for many years, raising a family each spring.  One summer morning, Hiawatha was found seriously injured and was taken into hospital care.  When it became apparent he would not fully recover, Queenie was brought in to keep him company.  Hiawatha died a month later.  Queenie, who had been his mate for twenty years, found life unbearable without her mate and, it is said, soon after died of a broken heart.

  3. This overlook provides an excellent view of the Waterfowl Park region of Wascana Lake.  As well as being an overlook, this is a pump house that provides Wascana Centre with water for grounds maintenance.

  4. At this point you have a choice of walking in two different directions:

    a) Continue along the waters edge.  This route will enable you to view more closely the waterfowl in the water, as well as the birds in the trees.  There is also evidence of mammals such as beaver.  As you reach the fence you will notice an old monument.  The monument is dedicated to Ducks Unlimited for their contribution to and support of the marsh nature reserve.  Follow the path along the fence.  Once you reach the North East corner of the fence you can continue following the fence and enter the Habitat Conservation Area or you can continue East on the faint path that will lead you back to the road. 

    The Habitat Conservation area is a nature reserve that is set aside to allow the existence of nature.  Take a tour to view native and non-native plants, water and waterfowl, and discover evidence of mammals living within the Centre.  As this area is a nature reserve, we ask that your pets are not taken inside the fence.  Leave only footprints, take only memories.

    b) Walk east to the gravel road that leads to the top of Wascana Hill.  The view from the top is very rewarding.  At the top you can view much of the surrounding area.  It is approximately 18 metres high and is used for recreational purposes such as tobogganing, cross-country skiing and mountain biking.  The hill was constructed using soil from various building excavation sites in Wascana Centre and Regina.  Additional contouring was created with excess soil from the ‘Big Dig’ in 2004.​​

  5. At the corner of McDonald Street and Assiniboine Avenue are fiveball diamonds.  These fields are used by the Regina and area ladies fast ball leagues. Just north of the ball diamonds you will find the Disc Golf course that was installed in 2012. 

  6. As you continue east you will see Leibel Field, home to Regina Minor Football.  Over the past few years, a number of major upgrades have been to Leibel Field including new stands, lighting and field turf. 

  7. The track and field facility of the Douglas Park Sports Centre was constructed in 1975 for the Western Canada Summer Games.  The track has an all-weather surface and is used for various levels of competition.  The track was refurbished for the Canada Summer Games of 2005.

  8. Behind the Douglas Park Track and Field facility are tennis courts which are used for recreation and competition purposes.

  9. To the south east of the track are some of the maintenance depots of the centre.  The glass buildings that can be viewed from the road is the Wascana Greenhouse.  Throughout the year the Greenhouse provides:
    - Wascana Centre’s requirements for annual bedding plants and perennial plants.
    - Tropical and flowering plants used in permanent and temporary displays.  These plants are supplied to various departments and agencies of the Government of Saskatchewan, the City of Regina, University of Regina buildings and functions, as well as other tenants of Wascana Centre.
    - Storage and growing area for trees, shrubs, and ground covers for Wascana Centre’s planting projects.

  10. To the north of the greenhouse, across the road, is the Cricket Pitch of Douglas Park.