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Open Competition #1723

CLASSIFICATION:         Forester 3

SALARY:                              $18.29 - $24.38 per hour

                                                   (Collective Bargaining Agreement expired March 31, 2017)

STATUS:                                Year-round Full-time


  • Prune and shape trees and shrubs and perform tree surgery (e.g. to bolt split trees, remove broken limbs and apply wound dressing, etc.) from ground level, aerial truck or by tree climbing using proper techniques
  • Collect and chip tree branches using mechanized equipment
  • Tree and stump removal including felling techniques as required
  • Record information for tree inventory on number of trees pruned or removed and their locations
  • Plant trees, shrubs and ground covers, stake trees and apply wood mulch when necessary
  • Perform guy wiring, balling and burlaping of plant material, and transportation to site for planting. This includes plan reaching and recording pertinent information
  • Operate truck and attachments (over 1 ton), tractor and attachments, trailer (all types), aerial life, brush wood chipper, backhoe, chain saw, stump cutter, generator, hedge trimmer, pressure washer, rototiller, sod cutter, string trimmer, grader, snow blower/broom
  • Perform basic maintenance on listed equipment (e.g. check and change oil grease, refuel, clean filters, sharpen blades, etc.)
  • Train work crews in proper technical and safety techniques (including the placement of warning signs to ensure public safety
  • Perform field duties related to an integrated pest management program. Detect and recognize pests and diseases and report for control purposes
  • Provide lead hand supervision
  • Assist with mixing and dispensing of chemicals for pest and weed control as required
  • Participate in the implementation of requirement for special events
  • Participate in snow removal program as required
  • Perform other duties as assigned
  • Perform all duties of Forester 1 and 2 classifications as required


  • Grade 12, a one-year diploma in forestry, a certified Arborist, and licensed to apply pesticides (landscape category)
  • Technical knowledge of tree identification and characteristics, tree surgery and pruning, disease and pest identification and treatment, and pesticide selection, use and application protocols
  • Knowledge of safe work practices and safe pesticide application
  • Valid Class 5 driver’s license
  • Demonstrated ability to perform outside physical labour
  • Ability to operate required equipment competently and safely
  • Ability to deal courteously with staff and members of the general public
  • Ability to understand verbal and written instructions
  • Ability to train and lead seasonal work crews
  • Ability to follow design plans, operate and maintain the equipment and tools of the trade, and have computer skills (e-mail, word processing, spreadsheets)


See job profiles here: Forester 1, Forester 2, and Forester 3.

Applicants are asked to clearly identify in writing their ability to meet the required qualifications, ability to perform the listed duties, ability to operate stated machinery, and to advise of any former experience or forestry training. Preference will be given to qualified internal candidates.

This competition will remain open until a successful candidate is found. Resumes and cover letters can  be submitted to:

Human Resources Wascana Centre 

Box 7111 Regina SK S4P 3S7

Fax: (306) 565-2742


We want to thank all applicants for your interest in working for Wascana Centre but only those chosen for an interview will be contacted.