Wascana Centre's Tip Tuesday!

It's a new year and we're introducing a new social media campaign, Wascana Centre's Tip Tuesday! Each Tuesday, we post a tip on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We have experts in horticulture, forestry, ecology, maintenance, etc. so we'll share some of their tips with you. #TipTuesday

This week's tip is from our Horticulture Staff.

Did you know that the Amaryllis you may have received or grown for Christmas, can be made to re-bloom for next Christmas?

Here's How
Once your Amaryllis has finished blooming and the spent flowers have fallen or been removed, cut the tall, thick stalk just above where it joins the bulb, but do not cut the leaves. Continue to grow your bulb as you would your other houseplants, watering with regular fertilizer applications and growing in a well-lit south-facing window or equally bright location inside or outside if the weather permits in your area. As the leaves start to brown and dry up, you will know it is time to let your bulb rest.

The easiest way to rest your bulb is to set your potted bulb in a cooler and dryer location and do not water it. Let this resting time run for 6-8 weeks, longer if needed for a Christmastime blooming.  

Around 8-10 weeks prior to Christmas, bring your potted bulb out from its resting spot, place it back in your warm, bright south facing window and start watering it. Be careful with your watering at the start until growth happens. You may actually see the tip of a flower bud when you bring it out to grow. Water and fertilize regularly and watch your bulb take off. You should have blooms as it gets closer to Christmas. Enjoy and have fun.