Park Courtesies

Wascana Centre is a 2300-acre park in the heart of Regina. The Centre is committed to being a place of recreation and beauty for all to enjoy throughout the seasons!

To ensure the beauty and safety of our park and everyone who enjoys it, we ask you please utilize common courtesies towards other park users

Simple courtesies have been implemented. Following these courtesies will allow everyone, humans and wildlife, to equally enjoy our Centre.

Wascana Centre reminds you to show common courtesy to fellow park guests and park personnel in Wascana Centre.  Please,

Use the recycling bins provided; Do not litter

Pets must be leashed and cleaned up after

 Share the sidewalk and paths; stay to the right

Reduce bicycle and vehicle speed

Use the barbeques's provided; charcoal only

No unmanned Aerial Vehicles without approval from Wascana Centre

No Fishing in Wascana Centre

Respect all wildlife

No bikes or dogs in the Habitat Conservation Area

Runners and walkers should use the paths provided.  In areas where that is not feasible, foot traffic must stay in a single file on roads and must yield to vehicles